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  • Seed of White

    Sasaki Stella Seed of White contains pineapple extract, which can maintain the moisture of your skin by adding the ceramides; this product is suitable for people who like outdoor activities also easy to get tan.  

  • Sasaki Stella Essence

    Sasaki Stella Essence is a high effective moisturizing skin care product, provides anti-inflammatory, anti-yellow and anti-allergy functions. 

  • Sasaki Stella Eye Care

    Sasaki Stella Eye Care provides a comprehensive care to your eyes and effective to improve your eyesight. 

  • Sasaki Stella Zn

    Sasaki Stella Zn including Ornithine, Zinc, Clams extract and Astaxanthin. It is effective to protect livers and detoxify. It is particularly good for alcoholics, valetudinarian and those people who have irregular lifestyle. 

  • Sasaki Stella E Plus Kan Power

    Sasaki Stella E-Plus Liver Detox complex contains natural oysters, a rich glycogen which is effective to maintain the functions of liver. It can enhance the detoxification ability of liver as well. 

  • Sasaki Stella Kampo Glucosamine

    Sasaki Stella Kampo Glucosamine contains N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine, which is important element for the cartilage components formation, also helps to slow down the degeneration of your cartilage .  

  • Sasaki Stella Calorieston Pro

    Sasaki Stella Calorieston Pro contains fermented wine meal, which can help to control the sugar decomposition inside the body, to avoid the excessive absorption of sugar. 

  • Sasaki Stella Momohana Slim

    It contains ginger, black soybean, arctium lappa, relieving the problem of menstruation.. 

  • Sasaki Stella Luxury Aojiru

    Sasaki Stella Luxury Aojiru is made in Japan, The selection of green algae, kale and longevity can effectively improve the immune system, promote intestinal peristalsis and eliminate body toxins. 

  • Sasaki Stella CoQ10

    Sasaki Stella CoQ10 has a powerful anti-oxidant effect which full of the Q10 in reduced form, can be absorbed without conversion; can improve human immunity, enhance anti-oxidation and anti-aging.